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Apple Mail App Plugin Development

Apple Mail App Plugin Development

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Steps to create a Mail app plugin

Step 1

Create a Xcode project type ‘Bundle‘ and Click ‘Next‘
  • Enter Product Name
    • For example: AMailPlugin
  • Select your Team account if you purchased Apple Developer Program
  • Enter Company Identifier
    • For example: com.tonylabs
  • Click Next
  • Save dialog appears, save AMailPlugin Xcode project to hard drive

Step 2

Select a Project in the navigator, target is selected by default Fill up following Key value as per need (All the values here goes to Info.plist)
  • Bundle name
  • Bundle identifier
  • Bundle version
  • Enter Class Prefix under ‘Project Document‘ Section
  • For example: SMP

Step 3

Select a Project
  • Go to ‘Info‘ Tab and pick OS X Deployment Target Go to Build Settings Tab Select ‘Base SDK‘ per choice set ‘Debug Information format‘ value to DWARF set ‘Installation Directory‘ value to $(HOME)/Library/Mail/Bundles set ‘Info.plist‘ value to SampleMailPlugin-Info.plist set ‘ProductName‘ value to SampleMailPlugin