The Canvas learning system that excites people to learn
Canvas LMS 是现行的最好的开源在线学习管理系统,Canvas 数据可靠、功能强大、使用方便,我们让每个界面更直观简洁,最大程度的使教学更加容易。

Solemnly recommend! The CanvasTM Learnming Management System

The technology that gets students excited about learning is admirable, and Canvas is one of them!

What we do?

On the premise of ensuring the stable and high-speed operation of Canvas, we can save you nearly 30% of operation and maintenance costs, and more importantly, it's 100% data localized.

Ecological Research

From planning to launch, We will provide solutions that are more suitable for school production environment specifically.


Regardless of cloud or local deployment, we provide a complete set of installation and deployment services.


Over 10 years of experience, that we can provide a complete SIS system integration solution for a variety of complex needs.

Various Packages

For different budgets and needs, dozens of technical researches and judgments, excellent performance and smooth user experience are consistent.

T1 T2 Recommended T3
Enrollment 200~500 1000~2000 2000+
Server 3.0GHz / 8GB 内存 3.5GHz / 16GB 内存 3.5GHz / 16GB 内存
Storage 200G 存储 500G 存储 1TB 存储
Bandwidth 3MBps 5MBps 10MBps
Rich Content Editor
SIS Integration
Single Sign-On
Standalone Database



首先,让我们足够了解您,为您量身定制的 Canvas 云端演示实例,并获取优惠价格。

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