• Support LVDS Input modes: Single Link, Dual Link
  • Support input clock rate up to 165MHz
  • Support input color depth up to 10bit
  • Support De-SSC ( De-Spread Spectrum )
  • Support Data Mapping: Open LDI / JEIDA , VESA

DisplayPort TX

  • DisplayPort 1.1a transmitter
  • Compliant with DisplayPort 1.1a
  • Supporting two link speeds, HBR(2.7Gbps) and RBR(1.62Gbps).
  • Various video input interface supporting digital video standards such as:
    • 18/24/30/36-bit RGB4:4:4
  • Software programmable DispalyPort output swing and pre-emphasis level
  • Embedded full-function pattern generator
  • MCCS over AUX channel
  • Intelligent, programmable power management


  • Support up to Full-HD/1080P , and WQXGA(2560×1600 RB) display format
  • Support deep color depth up to 10bit
  • 64-pin QFN (9mm x 9mm) package
  • RoHS Compliant ( 100% Green available )