Common status codes

Code Meaning Action Required
200 OK Request processed successfully.
400 Bad Request Something is wrong with your headers or body formatting. Check your request against examples.
401 Not Authorized Either you need to provide authentication credentials, or the credentials provided aren’t valid. Check your API key.
403 Forbidden Xively understands your request, but refuses to fulfil it. An accompanying error message should explain why.(NOTE: in the V2 API, this is the error returned when the API rate limit is exceeded.)
404 Not Found Either you’re requesting an invalid URI or the resource in question doesn’t exist (e.g. no such Feed). Check your HTTP method. See below.
406 Not Acceptable You have most likely specified the wrong document type. Try JSON by using .json at the end of your URL.
422 Unprocessable Entity Xively was unable to create a Feed because the EEML/JSON was not complete/valid (e.g. it didn’t include a “title” element). Check your body against examples.
500 Internal Server Error Something went wrong… Please post to the forum about it and we will investigate.
503 No server error Usually occurs when there are too many requests coming into Xively – if you get this from an API request then the error message will be returned in XML in the response.(NOTE: in the V1 API, this is the error returned when the API rate limit is exceeded.)

Common Reasons for Specific Errors

Code Error Solution
404 { “title”: “Not found”, “errors”: “No route matches [POST] “/api/v2/feeds/121601.csv””} You are most likely using the incorrect HTTP method if you get a “No route matches”. This particular error is caused by trying to POST to update a Feed when you should be doing a PUT.
400 { “title”: “JSON Parser Error”, “errors”: “parse error: after key and value, inside map, I expect ‘,’ or ‘}’ current_value”:”333″]}”} There is most likely an error in your JSON. The errors usually provide some insight into what you are missing. The other cause of this error is you have specified the wrong body type in the URL.
400 invalid format, element start and end names do not match at 6:17 Same as above but for XML documents.