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PTN3460 Development Notes

By May 14, 2017Displayport, LVDS

The external EEPROM only stores one EDID (0x00 – 0x7F) and configuration registers (0x80 – 0xFF).

If external EEPROM is used (DEV_CFG pin = high) in application, then firmware will read EDID from external EEPROM data address 0x00-0x7F to overwrite the EDID 0 in SRAM , and read configuration registers from external EEPROM data address 0x80-0xFF to overwrite configuration registers in SRAM during power up (firmware initialization) phase.

You need to set configuration 0x84 (EPROM data address 0x84) = 0x01, so that the EDID 0 (external EEPROM 0x00 – 0x7F) will be used to send to the DP source (PC).

So in short, if you want to use external EEPROM in application, than you need to set configuration register 0x84 = 0x01 and write EDID in the EEPROM data address 0x00-0x7F, so the EDID will be sent to the DP source (PC).