Flash Firmware


  1. ManageBus board x 1
  2. ATMEL-ICE JTAG Debugger x 1
  3. micro USB Cable x 1
  4. Arduino IDE 1.8.5 or later

Step 1:

Open the Arduino IDE preferences panel, copy the following link in to the Additional Boards Manager URLs: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Platform/master/package_seeeduino_boards_index.json

Step 2:

Open the Boards Manager under the Tools menu. Search and filter by “Seeed“, select the latest version of SAMD boards then install it.

Step 3:

  1. Select the target board to “Wio GPS Board”
  2. Select a proper Programmer
  3. Click on Burn Bootloader

Step 4:

Download and uncompress the MC20 library file, move the MC20 folder into your Arduino libraries folder.

There are some example you can test with the ManageBus board, have FUN!!!

Please note: all the examples which need to use the GPRS or GPS require external 3.7V LiPo battery connected.