PyBoard D Wifi 控制

PyBoard D Wifi 控制

TONYLABS 15 Apr, 2019


首先打开 文件,配置 Wifi 通道的区域:

import pyb'CN')   # 2-char code, eg: US, GB, DE, NL, FR, AU, CA Wifi Station import network wl = network.WLAN() # bring up the interface wl.config('mac') # get the MAC address wl.config(antenna=0)    # select antenna, 0=chip, 1=external wl.scan()               # scan for access points, returning a list wl.connect('ssid', 'password')  # connect to an access point wl.isconnected()        # check if connected to an access point wl.disconnect()         # disconnect from an access point

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    Dave Austin 1 day ago

    As a Special Education teacher this resonates so well with me. Fighting with gen ed teachers to flatten for the students with learning disabilities. It also confirms some things for me in my writing.

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      Hanna Wolfe 1 day ago

      Love it Dave! We're all about keeping it up.

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    Christina Kray 2 days ago

    Since our attention spans seem to be shrinking by the day — keeping it simple is more important than ever.


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