Command Line Installation

$ curl | sh

oil command will be installed in /usr/bin

$ cd /var/www
$ oil create YOUR_PROJECT_NAME


FuelPHP This is not a valid Fuel installation so Oil is a bit lost.

If you run oil command without any other parameters, you will see this error message. Just ignore that and run the command like oil create …

Manual Installation

$ git clone git:// .
$ ./composer.phar update

Define Paths

define('APPPATH', realpath(__DIR__.'/fuel/app/').DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);
define('PKGPATH', realpath(__DIR__.'/fuel/packages/').DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);
define('COREPATH', realpath(__DIR__.'/fuel/core/').DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);

Setting the Environment

To set the environment, drop the following line into your .htaccess file.

SetEnv FUEL_ENV production